Riverwoods Community Information

Riverwoods residents enjoy celebrating their community and local culture. The best known and most established local venue for this is the Arts and Riverwoods art walk. Held annually since 1960, Arts and Riverwoods is an art show featuring paintings, jewelry, ceramics, photography and much more. Art students are also encouraged to display at a free student exhibit. The show is held in private homes in the village, allowing visitors a personal look into the lifestyle as well as the art of Riverwoods.

Riverwoods’ nature enthusiasts love the proximity of the Edward L. Ryerson Conservation Area – 552 acres of preserved land just outside of the village. The region is the natural habitat of the blue-spotted salamander, the eastern massasauga rattlesnake, the purple-fringed orchid and other rare species. Hikers and cross-country skiers make use of the six miles of trails that meander through the densely wooded region. There is also a 1942 Greek Revival home on site, which houses the Conservation Area Visitor Center. The center maintains collections of natural science and nature books and hosts art exhibits, programs and activities throughout the year.

The Volo Bog State Natural Area is another popular attraction in northeastern Illinois. The bog was once a deep lake spanning 50 acres, created by glacial movements of thousands of years ago. Research indicates that approximately 6,000 years ago, vegetation began to grow at the edges of the water. This early vegetation died and created a base for new vegetation to take root. The water eventually became acidic, directly influencing the types of plant life that could survive there. The cycle of growth and rebirth continues at the bog today, creating the natural color and beauty that draws nature enthusiasts and photographers to the site.

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